Chris 21/ iChris Consulting

Need help with Chris 21/ iChris? We provide experienced HRIS consultants to support your company in using Chris 21 and iChris? Talk to the team with a reputation for excellent service at Silverdrop.

HRIS Advisory

If you're choosing a new system or trying to integrate you need an independent consultant who knows what to do. Our team know all the systems and how they integrate. Our HR Advisory service can help you choose the exact right system/s for your business.


We can provide consulting on KRONOS Silverdrop can help you optimise your KRONOS system for your organisation with experienced and knowledgeable consultants

Welcome to Silverdrop

Silverdrop exists to help organisations like yours maximise the effectiveness of workforce assets and software investments. We work with systems including Chris 21, iChris, RAMCO, Kronos and many more.

Our combined experience means Silverdrop understands most, if not all of the software and systems on offer in the HR and Payroll landscape today.We can provide you with an independent viewpoint, since we don’t represent just one software vendor or work with only one system.

At Silverdrop our goal is to empower your HR and Payroll team to act strategically, by accessing all available technological advantages.

We provide a team of dedicated consultants who are passionate about delivering exceptional service and helping clients to uncover the power of their software, processes and people. We take a holistic approach to HRIS and understand where it fits into an organisation’s success.

Silverdrop encompasses a hand-picked team of seasoned HR and Payroll consultants who together provide a one-stop shop for clients seeking assistance.

We can provide assistance where your team does not have the capability, or perhaps the availability, to focus on HRIS projects. Whether this is choosing the right system, integrating a new system with existing systems, or customising your systems just for you.

Call or email Silverdrop today to find out how our team can help you maximise your technology investment: email or call 1300 450 111.

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