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8.13 Upgrade

Payroll Software Update

The 8.13 Upgrade has been released, and some of our clients are either in the process of testing in the Test environment or have upgraded their Production system. In comparison with previous years, this upgrade has been relatively smooth and we have seen no major issues exposed.  We have picked out a few notable features (from our perspective) that might be beneficial to know about:


  • Multiple GTR File Processor

The Multiple GTR File Processor – RG2 is like the GTR Batch Processor form, however it enables you run large files in multiple GTR’s in a single run. The files can have the same file extension, or they can have a different file extension (.csv,.gtr, and .txt allowed).  The use of wild card for different extensions or files is allowed.

Some clients have found this new feature highly beneficial while interfacing between chris21 and third-party applications such as Rostering systems, Time and Attendance, and HRIS.

To use the feature, add RG2 form to the Workgroup/Menu Role. Set up FLC – File location for RG2.


  • New process Super Payment changes

Transfer held-over Super contributions to the correct fund when employee has changed fund and notified payroll at a later stage.

The Super Payment Change –– SPH process is used when you need to move held super contributions to a different fund. For example, if a staff member changed their super provider but notified the payroll officer after the date of transfer. Meanwhile, the staff member’s contributions accumulated to the previous fund.

Previously this process was a manual intervention, and the contributions could not be included in the file as they were already processed. Some users have found this a stressful experience and this feature will be greatly appreciated.


  • Leave Preference Selection LFS

Staff can select their preferred leave days for leave in this form. The form uses workflows and has an approval process, as well as keeping the history for previous financial years. The staff can select their preferred leave dates via HR21 and the manager can review and approve.

This new feature requires a bit of setup behind the scenes, and is managed by the manager and their staff. This process is useful to identify staff who want to take leave and when they want to take leave, prior to them applying for it.


  • Calculate Leave on imported Hours

CFP – Parameters form has new feature provided as an alternative option to calculate hours taken when they do not match start and end dates of leave.

If you are importing leave data into chris21. When the option is enabled, the Calculate Pay – CAL process also adjusts salary paid relative to leave taken.


  • Annual Leave Entitlement Date

Deferred Entitlement date is used to grant leave on a specific date in the year. You can now record deferred entitlement day and a month on the Leave Accrual Rules LVR form for a leave group.

An example of where this could be useful is; hospitals have a leave type where entitlement is granted on a specific day of the year. This may help automate the management of this.

To use this feature the leave type must be configured as V- Advance leave.


  • Exclude On-costs

Specific on-costs can be excluded from General Ledger Interface using GG1 – Organisation Details form.

This could be very useful for users who do not want to see Payroll Tax in their General Ledger or WCM – Workers Compensation Oncost, as it is calculated outside the system.


  • Payslip Message

A Payslip message can be displayed after the payrun has been updated. Any messages you specify through the Staff Payslip Message-EMG and Payslip Message-MSG forms are additional to the message entered on the Standard Message -PFM form.

If you use payslip messaging, you may want to have a look at this.


  • Report Designer Name extension

The Report Designer Name field on the Description tab has been expanded to accept 30 characters.

Many users have requested this enhancement for a long time, as it will enable them to name their reports as required by the third-party application. This will be beneficial when integrating with another system where the file naming convention for the interface must be followed.

Prior to this change, users needed to apply methods outside of the system to rename these interfaces.

No Action Required, changes are applied by the upgrade.


  • Hide email address of message recipient

The Hide This Address checkbox has been added for a recipient and in the Message Definition as a new feature. On  MMD – Email Definition a “bcc” checkbox has been added, which will enable the user to hide email addresses which are not to be seen by the recipients.

This expands the options in the messaging areas.


  • Rate applied to Fast Time Entry form

Fast Time Entry – FTM has been enhanced to incorporate the functionality for Settings – CFT 12, which allows the Fast Time Entry – FTM  rate value to be multiplied by the Allowances – PTA Time Code Factor value. To apply the feature go to the CFT form and switch CFT-12 on. Log out and back in to apply the changes.


 Many fixes have been included in this upgrade relating to issues identified in the previous upgrades, but the one which we have seen impacting the most is:

  •  8.10.04 Re-approved timesheets duplicate pay – Reference 27579

 Previously, when you saved an approved Enhanced Timesheets (HTS) entry the status incorrectly changed to requested. A staff member was then paid from a requested entry or, if you re-approved the entry the staff member was paid twice. This has been resolved!


 If you want help with your upgrade, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist. Call 1300 450 111.

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