About Silverdrop

Dedicated experts at the forefront of innovation.

Silverdrop is a specialist consulting firm made up of a team of hand-picked experts. Our consultants have a diverse knowledge base that encompasses HR, Payroll, Training, Project Management and HRIS systems. Silverdrop is committed to being the industry authority in HR and Payroll solutions. Our consultants are constantly learning so that Silverdrop’s knowledge base evolves, staying at the leading edge of innovation in all aspects of HR, Payroll and Talent Management.

Silverdrop’s approach is personal and hands-on. Our dedicated team work collaboratively with clients to access the full potential of their workforce and systems. This means leveraging technology strategically; sourcing, integrating and optimising software solutions to align your people with enterprise goals.

Technology is moving fast, HR and Payroll professionals are hard-pressed to keep up with the latest innovations but being left behind is not an option. Silverdrop exists to help your business gain a competitive edge in the battle to recruit, train and retain talented people.