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Adding a Form to a Menu (in chris21, ichris and HR21)

From time-to-time there is a requirement to add a new form to a menu (for example recently there has been the Single Touch Payroll forms). As this is not an everyday activity the process can be daunting for many people. It can be so it is easy to forget one little step in the process – which would result in errors or the form not being accessible. This then has the potential to become very time consuming and or very frustrating. However do not worry, this article will guide you step-by-step in the most direct route so that you will have that access to that form on the menu in no time at all!

To do this, the following steps need to be completed:

  • •     Confirm access to perform this activity
  • •     Identify User who requires access to the new form
  • •     Identify Menu Role and Work Group
  • •     Grant access to the form for the Work Group
  • •     Add form to Menu Role
  • •     Rebuild Menu Role
  • •     Verify access to the form

Confirm Access to Perform This Activity

Not every user can perform administration or configuration activities within the application. Prior to commencing any of these activities you will need to confirm your access to the following areas:

  • •     USR – User Access• ATT – Privileges
  • •     ATF – Report Privileges
  • •     SCN
  • •     Menu Designer
  • •     DBF – System Data Functions

You can check your access to these areas by navigating to them and ensuring no errors occur. Alternatively if an access error occurs at a later step you will need to come back to this step and organize for access from your application administrator prior to proceeding any further.

Identify User Who Requires Access to the New Form

This is a business process activity – you will need to know exactly who needs access to the form. Obtain a list of all the users including the chris21/ichris user names. You may need to add the form for multiple Menu Roles and Work Groups.

Identify Menu Role and Work Group

Once you have the user information, navigate to the USR form and take note of the Menu Role and Work Group.

See below where Menu Role is ‘MASTER2’ .

See below where Work Group is ‘MASTER2’.

Note that this example is for the interface chris21 – however you may have other interfaces including ichris or HR21. Also be aware that the Menu Role and Work Group will often have different names, although in this example they are the same.

Grant Access to the Form for the Work Group

Access to the form must be granted to the Work Group. Navigate to ATT, select the Work Group and then grant access to the form.

In this example it is a custom form ‘ZAC’ which has been added.

When access is granted to the form in ATT, the ATF (Report Privileges) record should be automatically created. You may like to check this has occurred. If for any reason it does not exist (or a record *.* (meaning full access) does not exist, you should then create the record manually.

If the record has not been created automatically, you may need to determine the File Code. This can be achieved by navigating to form SCN (Forms) and taking note of the File Table. The File Table will be the File Code in ATF.

Add Form to the Menu Role

Now we are at the stage where we actually add the form to the menu. Although access to the form has been granted to the Work Group (in ATT) it is not yet possible to access the form – the form must be on the Menu!

This is achieved by using the Menu Designer. To navigate there use the application menu bar, select Tools > Menu Designer.

Select the Menu Role which needs to be updated. In this case it is MASTER2.

Navigate to the Menu Folder on the left hand side. Ensure the folder is highlighted – which you can do by using the mouse to select. Additionally you may add a new menu if required – which can be achieved by right clicking on the menu item or click on the New command button. You can drag and drop the new folder to where you prefer.

In this example I have created a custom menu ‘ZCustomForms’ and I will add the new form in this folder location.

Now right mouse click in the blank area on the right hand side (the grey area) and choose add Form

Now search for the form and double click to add the form to the menu.

You will notice the form has been added as a tab on the right hand side. After this click on the Update Users command button. The process will not take a long time and the Menu Designer will automatically close once it is complete.

Rebuild Menu Role

The Menu Roles need to be rebuilt to incorporate the new form. This is achieved by navigating to the DBF form.

Select the interface which requires updating – in this case chris21. Then ensure the Update Menus check box is selected. Ensure no other options are selected and then click on the Save button to commence the rebuild of menus.

Verify Access to the Form

The final and most satisfying step in the process is having the specified users verify they now have access to the form.

It is recommended that users logout and then back into the application to ensure the new form is available.

Congratulations, you have successfully added the new form to a menu!

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