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Audits and Fraud – who is watching the watchers

Sometimes, we are contacted  by Private Investigators (PI) working for our clients. A payroll manager/coordinator or officer may be suspected of committing fraud in their business and they call us to see how we can help track down any fraudulent activity in their chris21 or ichris system.

Unfortunately, what many people don’t realise is that whilst chris21, ichris and other platforms have a ‘tracking’ function for this exact reason – you could potentially turn the tracker off while committing the fraud – and there will be little evidence left on the system.

Many companies don’t have a proper policy on what parts of their system they want to flag for audit trails. Many don’t have a second person who monitors the employees that have system administration access.

These two issues combined mean it can be quite difficult to find evidence of fraud unless you put the right measures in place before the fraud is committed.

So make sure of these things:

– have a policy in place and ensure your system flags are set up for audit trails in the right areas that you may need when completing and investigation.

– conduct your audits regularly against these flags

– setup some regular checking of actions in the system by those that have the ability to make them

If you’re concerned you don’t have the right setup’s in place, or you’re not sure and need some help, then Silverdrop has experienced consultants ready to help.

Call us on 1300 450 111 or email for more information.

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