Beyond Carbon Neutral

Silverdrop HR & Payroll Services Founder – Gerard Barwell – announced in November 2019 that Silverdrop aims to be a Carbon Neutral business by 2025,. And by 2026 to be a nett positive contributor to the environment.

Silverdrop aims to plant the hundreds of thousands of trees necessary to reach this target. And to control the outcome so the wins are sustainable.

Gerard says “we’ve researched the issue of carbon offset, and were concerned if we supported some of the corporate brand programs out there we might not see a sustainable result. What happens if that corporate entity sells their land and trees at some stage in the future? All our investment and positive environmental impact would be lost.

He added – people don’t realise that on average an individual would have to plant 660 trees per year to offset their carbon footprint. For a family of six, like ours, we need to plant nearly 4000 trees every year to offset our carbon footprint.

So, we have committed to finding a large acreage property, purchase it, and then begin a planting program to not only offset the future years of carbon, but every year of our individual lives as well.

We see this goal as a beginning. Eventually, we’d like to be contributing to the Carbon Neutral goals of our clients too or having them partner with us on our project. Each new client we sign will result in a set number of trees being planted on their behalf towards our goal.

It’s a big goal, but one we are passionate about achieving.

In the future, we’re planning an annual SILVERDROP PLANTING DAY and staff, family and clients will be welcome to join us in planting trees and seeing the tangible progress towards our goal.

(*Carbon neutral means reducing emissions where possible and compensating for the remainder by investing in carbon reduction projects (via offset units) to achieve net zero carbon emissions.)


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