Linking Carer and Personal Leave to SIC leave Balances

At Silverdrop, we often come across a range of clients who experience issues, and they are not aware that there is often an easy fix. In many instances, the issues are dealt with manually. But this can sometimes have a massive impact; tasks that could/should be automated, are taking twice as long and it is often very time consuming. By completing a few quick and easy steps on the configuration within Chris21, this will allow the system to ‘do the work for you’.

This article will outline what is required to be able to configure paid sick leave codes and present a more efficient way to govern employee sick leave balances.

Carer’s/Sick Leave Balance

Quite often there is a requirement for paid sick leave codes, such as Carer’s Leave and/or Sick Leave, without a Certificate to look at and for this to be deducted from an employee’s available Personal/Sick Leave balance.

This is able to be configured in Chris21 in a few quick steps:
In this example, the code for carer’s leave is CARE and the code for sick without a certificate is SWC.

In TAB (Tables)

Table Name LVELK, code CARE, description ABC (description can be whatever you want it to be)

Table Name LVELK code SWC, description ABC (description can be whatever you want it to be)

In FIL (File Tables)

Leave link table for CARE

Leave link table for SWC

Check PAE (Allowances Other)



In LTD (Certificates)



PAE (Allowance Other)



Up until this point in the configuration, the system will now be able to display the personal leave balance when entering/applying for CARE or SWC.

If overflow rules are required, then the following steps would need to be entered:

In LTE (Overflows) (against any of the applicable leave groups)



It is highly recommended to implement these changes into a TEST environment to allow for testing prior to applying the changes into a PRODUCTION environment.

By configuring these few changes in your system, you will find that you save a lot of time and effort and that the system will be able to ‘do the work for you!’


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