Have you purchased an HRIS, and do you want it to integrate with chris?

Our Silverdrop consultants have experience assisting companies with their integration projects, ensuring our clients can enjoy a smooth and efficient project. We are often involved with integration projects between chris, Workday, Elmo, PageUp, Mumba Cloud, AD, IDAM, financial solutions and Successfactors.

Having Silverdrop assist with your integration can help to prevent future problems and limit time wastage that often occurs with integration projects. Our consultants can assist you with data mapping, reporting, VAT, SIT test plans and scenarios.

It’s important to highlight that the integration of your HR systems is as important as the parts themselves. Without a proper focus on integration, you only have half the solution.

“We were really happy with today’s session. We’ve got some takeaways and can see some fairly immediate gains we can make in the HR space. Your consultant has been great today – knowledgeable, helpful, solutions oriented. Thank you.”