System Review

Have you had your system for a long time and want to see if you are using all the functionality to the best of its ability?

Our Senior Consultants undertake independent System Reviews regularly for our clients. We examine the existing setup of a system, interview key users and review existing processes. Our clients then receive an in-depth report detailing areas for improvement and methods and/or changes that will enhance their system and tidy up their processes.

Functional System Reviews are very effective in helping to clarify any deficiencies of processes, as well as inefficiencies in the setup and integration with other systems. They also help align the needs of multiple stakeholders including Payroll, HR, IT and Finance.

This is a great way to provide a structured approach to remediation of a system where there are many issues that need resolving or the starting point is not obvious. Often, there is difficulty in defining all your concerns and a functional system review can be the perfect way to understand how you are using your system and what areas can be improved.

Chat to a Silverdrop consultant now to see how a system review can enhance your system.

“We are so excited! Just went through your report today. What you have in there re L&D is all we need. We literally have nothing except a paper form for L&D purposes. Thanks again – you have changed our lives!”